If you’ve ever walked around Park Slope / Gowanus then you’ve seen a fedora wearing man surrounded by a group of people who clearly is gesticulating some kind of amazing story. His eyes are bright and his smile is endearing, but you can tell he’s tough…Brooklyn tough.This man is Big Rick, also known as Rick Kadlub. Big Rick has a tour company that tells the history and urban legend of the greatest boro in the world, Brooklyn. By living in the Brooklyn for 45 years and with his love of the boro Big Rick has earned keen insight into the area.
Big Rick in a sense embodies Brooklyn. He’s got the walk, the talk, and clearly the look. Recently artist have begun to notice his unique character and have tried to capture his look through various forms of media. Over at the Brooklyn Central library you can find an great photo of Big Rick by photographer Joe Delano (also featured above) in the exhibit Brooklyn Portraits by Brooklyn Photographer;you can find drawings done by local Sketch-Artist at both Mission Dolorous and Canal Bar. There are probably more images of Big Rick out there, but are not yet known by GYFO.
If you’ve never been on Big Rick’s tour or even had a moment with the icon you have a chance to catch him telling his stories tomorrow at Root Hill Cafe. Big Rick will be telling the “South Brooklyn Tales” for (what seems to be) one night only. Check it out.