You still have a chance to make some dough for your design of the Gowanus Lowline(original report here). The competition dates have been extended.
Registration deadline was originally 4/1/2011, but now is 5/1/2011
Submission Deadline was 4/17/2011 and now is 5/27/2011
Make a difference in America’s, soon to be, most famous Canal, the Gowanus.
Gowanus Lowline is sort of like the HighLine, but on the ground and better. The design competition aims to redo the look of the waterway in order to reconnect it with the surrounding urban environment.

“Gowanus Crossings is an international ideas competition, which invites speculation on the value of urban development of postindustrial lands, and the possibility of dynamic, pedestrian-oriented architecture that either passively or actively engages with the canal and the surrounding watershed. This competition focuses on the design of connections in and around the canal, and the residual moments around these connections. These may relate to the east west crossings and/or the north south corridor that defines the Canal and upland.

First Prize gets: $1000.00
Second Prize gets: $500.00
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