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Gowanus, Brooklyn
The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, the flash point for the new 'Buy Local' and textile revolutions, & filled with brilliant bohemians. . . this is Gowanus & it’ll awesome your face off.

High Canal Water today

If you have ever traveled over the Canal twice in one day you are well aware that the water level changes greatly from morning to night. The water level variation can be from a few inches to several feet. Even with the jump in water level no one really considers that the Canal can flood. Last night Gowanus Furniture reported on twitter: “That is some HIGH tide in the canal – never seen that. Up in the cables @ Carroll”, with a photo of what seemed to show water in the Carroll Street bridge cable control area. This morning the water is extremely high, but at least is not outsides the Canal banks. If the water follows its’ usual pattern of rising throughout the day, plus the current rain storm, it will surely eclipse the Carroll Street bridge cable control area again and possible spill into the location for the Gowanus Grove (formerly the Brooklyn Yard)

*it is recommended that people stay clear of the water from the Canal as it has been proven to be toxic to humans by the EPA.

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Gowanus, Brooklyn

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