Welcome to Gowanus! where just a few years ago wondering into this area would have seemed too dangerous for the urban hipster. Now it’s all cool craft textiles and some place to laugh.

Patch.com pulls out two articles about the neighborhood…. they discuss how the Textile Arts Center is more than just a mega crafty textile place; it’s an education facility that acts as an art gallery too. Read about it on CarrollGardens.Patch.com: Textile Arts: More Than Crafts. Patch.com also takes a dips into the funny world of Hot Tub a weekly show at Littlefield. The kids go crazy for comical stylings of co-host Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal who both have Wikipedia pages making them just as important as people like Leonard Da Vinci and Einstein. The article’s got humor and someone uses a dirty word, Brilliant! Be sure to check out the last two paragraphs of the piece because they mention other cools places to rupture your gut. Get to laughing here: CarrollGardens.Patch.com: The New Place For Laughs