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Gowanus Goes French – Bastille Day Bash July 16th

So you know America’s July 4th? that’s France’s Bastille Day! Bastille Day commemorates when pissed off French people stormed the Bastille, a medieval fortress that represented the monarchy. The monarchy at the time represented what giant corporation do today…greedy stupid jackasses! So, the French opened a can of whoop ass on the Royals and thus a revolution. Anyway, even if you your not a fan of history or even the French you will love the Bastille Day Bash at Littlefield presented by theskint.com.

Why you ask? Well there will be music, art, free booze, and sexy French burlesque. Think Moulin Rouge in 4D, but better and in Brooklyn!

The 411:

Accordion! Mimes! Open gin bar! $3 beer! Can-can!

Come to Littlefield on July 16 for an afternoon of le French mayhem cooked up by the skint crew. Avec:

LES HOT SARDINES, playing their barn-burning, floor-mopping hot jazz, dixieland and French chanson (tap dancer included!)

CLOWNS ABOUT TOWN, self-described “professional party instigators” — or as we call them, hot mimes!

THE LOVE SHOW burlesque, schooling you in French history — with Marie Antoinette wigs and pasties!

MIRA STROIKA the wandering chanteuse, channeling Piaf with her squeezebox d’amour!

and your M.C. NIC TAMÈRE, all the way from Toulouse and pissed at NYC’s no-smoking laws!

Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
Saturday, 7/16; 2-6pm
Free Bulldog Gin cocktails 2-3pm, $5 afterwards
$3 Brooklyn Brewery Summer Ale and Lager all day

Tickets a very skinty $2!
(or just $1 if you’re a card-carrying member of The Total 4th Avenue Immersion, an all-day beer and food crawl. Details at brooklynbased.net.)

More details here.

Buy tickets here.

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