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Weekend Hangover – Frenching at Littlefield for The Skint’s Bastille Day Bash

So on Saturday we donned berets and sashayed over to Littlefield for the skints Bastille Day Bash. Despite the long bar line we managed to grab a few free bulldog gin cocktails and $3 cans of Brooklyn summer. Then we wandered into the main room of Littlefield and caught the frenchified show.
Hosted by Nic Tamére a snarky horny Frenchman, the show had what one would expect from Americans celebrating a French holiday, freakin’ Burlesque can-can dancers…. (video may or may not contain nudity)

The show also had a sexualized eating contest of French baguettes led by the master of consumption Rob from the League of Amateur Competitive Eaters. –Lord look at these people go to town on that bread…

And the pièce de résistance of the day was the musical stylings of LES HOT SARDINES and MIRA STROIKA. Together they brought a little bit of the French Quarter to Gowanus.

Here’s a little bit more of the tap dancing from of LES HOT SARDINES.

Finally we didn’t manage to get it on video, but we wanted to mention that the songs done by MIRA STROIKA were simply mind blowing and really really well done. Cheers to you Mira!

There was also a wonderful burlesque performance  by FOXY VERMOUTH whose sweetness was only matched by Robicelli’s Cupcakes.

A tweak of a skinny French Mustache to the skint and Littlefield for a fun event.

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