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Update – Rumor has it: Bike Shop, Bakery, & the Claim Shack open date

So what we do here on GYFO is not an exact science, especially when it comes to dealing with new business rumors. Sometimes the rumors we report are right and others are this…

We double failed saying Colson’s was coming and then not coming to 3rd Ave. So, Colson’s is probably coming… so we were right or maybe we aren’t cause it’s all rumors.

It has been confirmed via twitter that the location next to the Dawg Shack will be the new home of 718 Cyclery at 254 3rd Ave. We originally said 718 Cyclery was in the Dawg Shack and we were just wrong. Sorry we were distracted by something… what could have distracted us?????… mmmh maybe a hurricane or an earthquake or maybe coffee… one of those!

718 Cyclery is a bike shop that currently resides in Park Slope on 7th Avenue and is planning on making the move to Gowanus November 1st, 2011. We are so excited for 718 Cyclery to ‘roll’ up into the Gowanus! We luv bikes!

We still might be wrong the the Dawg Shack is going to be a bakery, but it doesn’t mean 3rd Ave. around Union St. isn’t getting a place with baked goods. Many people… (okay like two people)… have told us that the building, 285 3rd Ave., next to the Set Gallery is going to be a cafe / bakery place; although the DOB only list the architecture firm on the renovations permits.

We don’t know if this has anything to do with Colson Patisserie, who we still believe are moving to 3rd Avenue in this part of Gowanus.

Finally, Littleneck ‘Clam Shack’ is rumored to be opening (softly…can you open clams softly?) on September 15th. The boys have been working hard on the space for the last month and some have said they have a mechanical dolphin (yes like the bull) inside that you can ride! <—this is probably false considering we made it up.









We have also heard many other interesting things like that a ‘Soul Food’ place is coming to 4th Ave.,  a laundry mat is being built near the Canal, and that it’s rude to repeat what you overhear in bars.



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