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718 Cyclery Open?

So the other day we popped over to 718 Cyclery‘s new home on 3rd Ave between Union and President Streets. There we discovered a crew of hard-working individuals building a bike shop; they were literally opening boxes, building a work bench, and moving around bike parts. The doors to 718 Cyclery were open and they were doing small repairs, but it seemed like they needed a little more time. So, we decided to wait on posting something. Well, thanks to someone, Brownstoner, *shakes fist… the little more time they needed has been truncated cause the cats out of the bag. The world now knows they’re in Gowanus and the two-wheel culture is descending on the industrial neighborhood.

Last we checked, 718 Cyclery was hanging frames on the wall and gearing up to arrange their front lounge area. We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See up-to-date images of their build out here.

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