How often have you grabbed you’re Dove soap and thought: “mmmh, I could make this”, then realize you’re talking to yourself in the shower. Never? Really!? We don’t believe you!

So maybe it’s just us and that’s okay because we now have a chance take that babbling shower idea and make it into a reality.

By Brooklyn is having a class on soap making. The class will be presented by soap making experts Meow Meow Tweet. (You can get some of the Meow Meow Tweet’s soap at By Brooklyn… it smells really good and makes you clean and stuff.)

Here’s the skinny on the class: 

Saturday, October 29
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
$60 per person
Students will get hands-on experience, the equivalent of 3 bars of soap and a list of suppliers and recipes.
Class taught by Brooklyn’s own Meow Meow Tweet

Sign Up Today! Call (718) 643-0606 or stop by the store in Carroll Gardens


Bonus Your Face Off

In addition to classes, By Brooklyn has a least one more free tasting before the end of October. You should check out the sweetness of this particular tasting:

Brooklyn Hard Candy
Saturday, October 22
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Tasty, colorful, old-fashioned hard candy!