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The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, the flash point for the new 'Buy Local' and textile revolutions, & filled with brilliant bohemians. . . this is Gowanus & it’ll awesome your face off.

New Art Cafe on 4th Avenue

On October 14th, 2011 the space once home to Zora’s Space reopened as Two Moon Art House and Café. As indicated in name the place will focus on art and have a café menu. For it’s opening last week it featured an art show called “You Can Have Your Void And Eat It Too” which included works by: Rachael Whitney, Amelia Steely, Ryan Till, Sandra Casti, Lacey Kim, Erté DeGarces, Elizabeth Meggs, Elizabeth Kirby Sullivan, Miryana Todorova and Courtney De La Rigaudiere.

Coming up next Thursday mentioned a bassist that puts people in a trance! Sounds really neat actually.

Also, on October 30th, they have a family friendly show called Ghost in the Graveyard from  comedy theatre troupe Parallel Exit. “Music, games, and a graveyard full of ghosts… fun filled afternoon adventures.”

Two Moon Art House and Café is located at 315 Fourth Avenue (Park Slope Side) between 2nd & 3rd St.


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Gowanus, Brooklyn

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