A new Brooklyn based online store solves one of life’s biggest clothing dilemmas: ‘Where to find good quality undergarments from the comfort of your own home!’

Shopping for items like hosiery seems to only present two options: practical vs. sexy… of which somehow your purchase is always neither. Seriously, why do undergarments look and act totally different from the packaging… too tight, too stretchy, or riding up your ass!

So what’s a girl to do? Finally, there’s an online store called Peek Brooklyn that solves this fashion dilemma! Peek sells brands like: B.Ella, Grebe, House of Holland, Pretty Polly, and more. They have Hold Ups, Stockings, Leggings, Tights, and even Vintage items.

Peek Brooklyn’s founder, Cristina Casciano-King, started the store because she herself could not find the caliber of tights that she was looking for here in Brooklyn or online. In her own online quest she found either sort of “slutty or really modest” items. Her store aims to get rid of these stigmas and show that hosiery can be something unique to add to ones fashion palette. This even comes through in the store’s name which, according to Cristina, comes from a moment when a boring pair of tights became something more.

I crossed my legs and my skirt inched up a little, it gave…a little PEEK of a very interesting pattern.”

Plus, the name helps with another industry she produces and sponsors, Burlesque. Peek Brooklyn frequently produces and sponsors Burlesque events. Seriously, who knows undergarments appeal better than those who entertain in it?

Check out the store here: Peek Brooklyn

Bonus Your Face Off

Peek Brooklyn sponsoring Doc Wasabassco’s Burlesque at City Winery and is putting on stocking fashion show at WASABASSCO BURLESQUE’S 7TH ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA at Bellhouse November 4th & November 5th!  This event looks A…MAZING!

WASABASSCO’s Promo Reel: