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Setting Sail in Gowanus: Littleneck Opens

Though it was a soft opening last night it didn’t keep a large crowd from showing up to try out Gowanus’s brand spanking new New England style claim shack, Littleneck. We arrived last night for an early dinner (that’s 6ish for you late eating folk) and discovered the place had a decent size group already at the bar and at a few table. The boys (owners) were running around with the help of their new staff slinging drinks and handing out seafood to an eager audience.

We grabbed a seat and took it all in: the buzz of a new restaurant, the smell of the food, and the really great feeling atmosphere. Littleneck is the kind of place that makes you slow down, relax, and hang. The seafaring paraphernalia and rustic wood everywhere captures that New Englandy feel, but yet somehow this place just feels Brooklyn. Maybe it was the locals who stopped in to see what the place was all about; maybe it’s the mix mash of people wearing t-shirts they got in the 80s, next to people who paid a butt load for t-shirts from the 80s; maybe it’s the super friendly chill vibe running through the place; or maybe it’s that Brooklyn is a town on the water and a seafood place just makes sense.

We grabbed a lobster roll, steamed clams, a few beers, and some fries, which all filled our bellies nicely. Since it was their first day (first few hours in fact) and they are in soft-opening mode the menu and beer selection was small, but what they had definitely worked! Congrats to the owners for bringing New England to Brooklyn and for adding to the unique Gowanus neighborhood.



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