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Do You Have an Object with a Migratory Story?

When we think about migration (as we have been doing all year), we tend to focus on people and creatures, the mobile inhabitants of the planet. But life and motion create products and byproducts: tools, waste, the implements of culture. These are often the things that drive us onward in our migrations. Their stories are ineluctably connected with our own. At the points where our stories intersect with obects, much is revealed, not only about our personal trajectories but also about our precarious relationship with the environment.

Do you have an object whose story you would like to share? An heirloom, an artwork, a toothbrush, a stone? An object which has inspired you, dominated you, educated you, exalted or degraded you? For our second exhibition of the Migration year, we invite you to lend us your object and include with it everything you know about it.

These objects will be our starting point for a three-month exploration of the Migration of Objects. We will view them as independent beings with stories of their own, stories that began before the object’s encounter with you and that will likely continue long after you part. Your story of the object may start with you but can migrate into the economic, the industrial, the political, the historical, the geologic, the environmental and so on.

This object submitted by our collaborators, Friends of the Pleistocene, has a story in which we humans barely figure at all.

Anyone can play. Here’s how it works:

Send Proteus Gowanus an email, [email protected] with a photo of your object and include details of the story you will tell. The only rules are that the Object come with a story and that it not be smelly, too large for our space or likely to perish while in the gallery. We will let you know promptly if we can include it in the show. The starting date for email submissions is now.

If accepted, they will send you instructions on how to document your story (we’ll be using index cards) and when to drop off your Object and story.

The Object Show is presented by Proteus Gowanus with curatorial assistance from the artistSal Randolph, creator of the Free Biennale, Free Manifesta, Free Words and Manifesta, and from Smudge Studio, creator of the book Geologic City: A Field Guide to the GeoArchitecture of New York, exploring the convergence of the geologic and the human, and of  Friends of the Pleistocene. Sal will also be our Artist-In-Residence for the duration of the Objects Show.”



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