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This Weekends Hangover Recap

Wow! All we can say is wow! This weekend was insane. So many things happen that it blew our minds.

First up on Thursday we attended the ‘No Office Holiday Party’ put on by Fucked in Park Slope, The Skint, Brokelyn, and Brooklyn Based. We got a full dose of some comedians including star of Hot Tub at Littlefield, Kurt Braunohler:

Followed up by Live Band Karaoke with Bunnie England & The New Originals. Here’s the crew from Brokelyn performing ”Blister in the Sun“:

On Friday we stopped into the Art of Rebellion exhibit at Gowanus Print Lab and found what can only be described as a badass suit of armor that Mr. Clean should wear by Roberto De Jesus. Look at this thing:

Hey Roberto can we barrow your Iron Man cleaning suit to fight crime captain planet style?!

On Saturday… we started with Crafted at the Canal over at Build It Green! NYC (Gowanus). There met some amazing craft folks: Laura Alvarez, Sweet Things Bake Shop (The Lower Eastside Girls Club), Reclaimed Home, Raganella, Root in Rust, to name a few.

Then we popped over to BROOKLYN CRAFT CENTRAL’S 4TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY CRAFT MARKET at Littlefield and strolled through the unbelievable amount of craft venders.


(we thought we were taking photos, but our camera turned evil and was actually not saving anything. The market was epic!)

Saturday evening we returned to Littlefield for the 3rd time for Gin & Gingerbread party hosted by Brooklyn Craft Fair, Overflow Magazine, and Brooklyn Creative League. There we drank up some Brooklyn Gin and watched the most brilliant building technics for gingerbread house making, heard some comedy, and then danced our asses off!

this one is called 'A Frame for Awesome'

not sure the title of this one, but we were told those who know "would know"

On Sunday… –Sunday it was really hard to get out of bed …we made our way to Holiday Shopping Fair at Proteus Gowanus, which was had really interesting items like rings with vials attached to them, Gowanus sight-seeing guides, and stuff from the from Morbid Anatomy Library.

All in all this was one of the craziest, craftiest, holidiest weekends ever! It was Gowanustastic!

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