And we thought 2011 had some epic parties…

Collective BK is throwing one of the biggest bashes in the history of Brooklyn January 14th, 2012 with an event called: THE GOWANUS ART FAIR: Keepin it Small!

There will be loads of artist, tons of bands, plays, and some surprises. Visual Art and Video Projections curated by May Yeung and Lowbrow Co-Director Gwynn Friendly.

Visual Artist include:  Francesca Bates, Marie Christine , Gray Edgerton, Jonathan Gaige, Lily Gist, Julie Jarrett, Adel Kerpely, Alejandro, Chen Li, Liz Miller, Kenneth Murphy, Eddie Ochoa, Yura Osborn, Garon Peterson, Tamara Porras, Harvey Moon Smith

Projection Artist: TBD

Bands Include: David Healy, The Hipnotists, Far From Jumping, Ginger Kid, Lexelle, The Brooklyn What

Plays: Mirror of the Heart written and directed byAmy Black Ndiaye, The Hunter Story written and directed by Christian Crocker, Hope written and directed by Graham Brown, Talk to Me TED written and performed by Corydon Merritt.

Also, included in what has to be the most performers under one roof: Burlesque queen Ariel Wolf, Singer and performance artist Joseph Keckler, Fire-breathing/sword-swalling due Middle of Nowhere, and so so so so so much more.

Check out the FB page for more info here