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Gowanus Canal repair damages poultry shop

Dec. 23 the building that held part Yeung Sun Live Poultry shop for more than 20 years collapsed do to repair work on the Gowanus Canal. A tunnel meant to help the famed Canal Flushing Tunnel was being dug under Degraw Street near Columbia Street when water rushed in eroding the ground beneath the building at 183 Columbia Street. In addition damage was done to the building new door, which hold the other half o Yeung Sun Live Poultry.

The New York times reports that according to the city planning department the business owner, Tony Ni, will lose his grandfathered right to run a slaughterhouse “if  the Buildings Department determines that 50 percent or more of the site has been destroyed.” The New York times also reports the neighborhood had a mixed response to the loss of the Live Poultry shop. It seemed many people did not favor the smell or like the once common practices used at the Live Poultry shop.

New York Times: A Collapse at a Poultry Shop Exposes a Rift Among Neighbors

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