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Swoon(ing) for Triomph – new cafe open

Triomph Fitness Center is know for being a great place to work out and a place where we personally got our asses kicked cause we sit around lazily in front of a computer all day. Recently they added a new element to their ‘fitness, health, & wellness’ facility that offers something tasty and healthy when your body graves substance …aka… when your wicked hungry!

Swoon is run by Chef Taso and offers mouthwatering foods that just so happen to be healthy. They have a breakfast that includes buttermilk waffles and irish style oatmeal that is somehow magically good for you… which we won’t argue with, cause we know the owners of Triomph and they know a lot about keeping a body healthy. The lunch has the same feel as the breakfast menu and offers thing like veggie meatball sliders, wraps, sandwiches, and salads. It all sounds to good to be true and again totally healthy.. yum! They also offer vegan and gluten free options for you herbivores out there. If it’s not a full meal you are looking for they offer a whole host of snacks including: handmade pop tarts, cupcakes, banana breads, cookies, brownies, smoothies, protein shakes, and of course fruit.

Download the menu here: Swoon Cafe Menu


Triomph Fitness is located at 540 President St, Brooklyn, NY

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