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A Little Brooklyn Sauce, plus a contest

So to be honest we have never tried the sauce from Saucy by Nature, but we had to put up information up about them because their name is just so darn good! And we are a sucker for people that come up with silly names to name their website… erh …product. Come on… Saucy by Nature who thinks of that… crazy sauce people that’s who! It looks like they have a new sauce coming out that’s “inspired by their Polish heritage…”, bet that’s gonna taste amazing. If you check out their site you’ll see some BBQ stuff and Cider Braised Onion sauces. mmmh sauce… by nature.

Anyway, here’s the latest from them…

Brooklyn-based artisanal food company Saucy by Nature announces new winter inspired sauces, to debut Friday January 20th. Inspired by their Polish heritage, co-founders Przemek Adolf and Monika Luczak created three new sauces that use locally grown ingredients and deconstruct traditional dishes, including Roasted Beet and Horseradish, Cider Braised Onion, and Polish Kimchee.

Supporting their mission to get their customers back in the kitchen and excited about cooking, Saucy By Nature also announces a monthly recipe contest to take place in 2012. Open to anyone in the United States, contestants must simply submit a recipe they’ve created using any of the Saucy By Nature sauces.

Prizes will be awarded each month, with a focus on fabulous local-minded goodies; January’s prize is a With Love From Brooklyn limited edition Locally Grown gift set featuring an array of curated food gems made by Brooklyn artisans. Winners will be chosen based on a combination of creative use of the sauce and quality of the final dish. All three winter inspired sauces will be available in time for use in the first contest, ending January 31st.

“Our food is about celebrating communities and bringing real food to the forefront, much like cultures all over the world already do. Like them, we feature what grows nearby, never add preservatives, and capture not only the vibrant flavor of something fresh picked, but also the essence of the food itself,” says Luczak.  “These sauces are truly an exploration of what makes these cold months a comfort eater’s delight,” explains Adolf.

To kick start the contests and encourage entries from customers around the country, Saucy By Nature is offering a 25% discount on all sauces sold in their Etsy shop using coupon code: JANUARYCONTEST. Contest entry can be completed through their Facebook page or website.

“We love hearing about people using the sauces to create meals they’re excited about and proud of for their friends,” says Adolf. Luczak adds, “We think it’s about time people played with their food.”

{Products are not yet sold in the Gowanus area, but they are sold nearby: www.saucybynature.com/Site/Buy.html. To learn more about Saucy By Nature, visit www.saucybynature.com.

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