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Textile Art Center’s Sewing Seeds Fundraiser

Sewing Seeds Fundraiser from TAC on Vimeo.

The Textile Arts Center is proud to present the new adventure Sewing Seeds – a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture project) fully dedicated to natural dyes. Starting this summer in Brooklyn, an abandoned lot on the corner of Bergen and 4th Street will be transformed as part of the 596 Acres project. The Sewing Seeds CSA garden will run for a 6 month season between June and November 2012, providing members with plants to be used as natural dyes, as well as recipes and workshops utilizing them.

Contribute to our Kickstarter campaign beginning 1/25/12 to cover the initial cost of work and materials to convert the abandoned lot into the new Sewing Seeds garden. Soil, raised beds, irrigation system, etc. will make this unused land an enjoyable and educational space for all of us in the community.

Visit textileartscenter.com/sewingseeds for more information.

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