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Variance for Whole Foods for Food… not so fast …Whole Foods War Continues

Back in 2007 we were reading a little publication called the NY Post… in it we read an article called Canal Street that stated that Whole Foods market was coming to Gowanus at 3rd Ave and 3rd St by 2008. And why not? no one would really mind a Whole Foods close to Park Slope or Carroll Gardens right? or would they? The debate began.

What’s been confusing over the years is that every 3 months since the NY Post article main stream publications have reported –in big bold print– that ‘Whole Foods is coming to Gowanus’. Up until 2011 it seemed like a sure thing. Nothing could keep Whole Foods from building the normal mega store at 3rd Ave and 3rd St. But that was then and this is now…

Pardon Me For Asking (♥) reports that at yesterdays midday Manhattan meeting that Whole Foods was permission again by the NYC Board of Standards And Appeals to use a variance to create of a food store. The Board indicated they were still in debate and would wait till February to decide. Frankly we are a little shocked by it all and honestly we are even less sure that Gowanus will have a Whole Foods. It looks like members of the community, both for and against, are actively participating in the democratic process and voicing their opinions on this issue. Check out the reporting of the meeting from Pardon Me For Asking: Here

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