Okay, so there are all sorts of issues with the Whole Foods site at 3rd Ave and 3rd St that have been recently pointed out by the Media. Besides the issues highlighted about traffic and being next to a polluted Canal there is an issue on whether or not Whole Foods can alter a landmarked building to fit their design. We thought they couldn’t, but apparently they might have the ability too. This begs the question of what the hell Landmark Status even means! The building known as the Coignet Building or “that spooky house looking thing at 3rd & 3rd in Gowanus” could be greatly altered to fit with Whole Foods design. Regardless of your feelings on Whole Foods coming to Gowanus, changing a landmark building is not cool (probably an opinion). Sure this particular building needs some major love, but not the kind of love that makes restoration into reconstruction. So, the Historic District Council has setup a petition to sign against such crazy changes. Take a look at all the information before you sign and only sign if you agree that the building should only be restored not redesigned (this includes the land plot that currently cuts into the Whole Foods design).


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