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Petition to Approve Whole Foods – (The Whole Foods War)

Earlier this week a petition popped up to keep Whole Foods from achieving special dispensation to annex part of the Coignet building site; last week the Gowanus Institute launched its campaign against Whole Foods; Also, last week the BSA delayed a vote for another month on a variance for allowing food at the Whole Foods site.

But that was then and this is now…

The Gowanus Alliance is a group that represents a (large) variety of businesses within Gowanus and have personally helped community by getting trees at Ennis Park. Yesterday, we discovered (or saw in a tag on FB), that the group is promoting a petition in favor of the Whole Foods. The petition explains that Whole Foods has:

….proven they are socially, environmentally and economically responsible company.”

It  also states:

Products sold at WHOLE FOODS are products that are responsible for thousands of jobs at hundreds of companies run by fine people. Many of these companies are local businesses.”

You can review the petition here

Some may agree with what this petition is saying, while others may disagree. It seems that the building of the Whole Foods store connotes a very strong opinions for and against. As stated before… some in the Gowanus area (and throughout Brooklyn) believe the Whole Foods store will finally make Gowanus into a strong and healthy neighborhood, while others believe Whole Foods will mark the death of a community. This war between the two opinions looks to be just starting. One can expect more evidence from both sides to come out in the next few weeks.     …the battle continues…


*although GYFO attempts to be a neutral site with snarky comments here and there, this particular issue lacks the full neutrality that it deserves. Whole Foods is a place that we personally shopped for a good portion of our lives, but Whole Foods also represents a type of store that has inadvertently or purposely pushed out the smaller stores under the flag of “American competitive business”. If you drive from Upstate New York all the way to Brooklyn you’ll run into ghost towns that have boarded businesses closed by lack of foot traffic… that is, all closed except giant big box stores that now house all the products that once were sold and even produced in the area. We felt it was necessary to point out that we have an opinion that could possible seep into the reporting of the Whole Foods issue. 

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