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Your Wood Doesn’t Cut It, But There Is Hope

Every night of the week in our kitchen we whip out our sad small piece of wood to the unapproving eyes of our significant other. Our wood is bowed and completely misshapen. Our significant other tries in vain to use it, only to be frustrated and disappointed by our woods irregular shape. When our relationship began our significant other seemed understanding, but now they are clearly unhappen. For last night they said: “I need something more…something nicer and stronger than your ridiculous old cutting board!” Sadly we took our cutting board and tossed it out, realizing that this was it… this was the end; no longer could we ignore that our cooking tool would not satisfy our kitchen desires.

But there is hope for our culinary conundrum!

Gowanus Furniture is now offering a two-day class where you can make your own cutting board! The first class will discuss types of cutting boards, maintenance, and the techniques of making cutting boards. It will also go over shop safety. Plus, in this class you will arrange and glue together your board. The next class will be all about sanding, adding hand holds, and applying the oil and beeswax finishing to your board. Both classes will provide a little bit of wine and some local snackage.

This two-day class will allow you to make a personally item that you can use everyday. When you show off your new amazing wood (cutting board) people will be impressed, including your significant other.

Cutting Board Class

Dates: Feb 17 & 24
Time: 7:00-10:00pm
Place: Makeville Studio - 119 8th Street (btw 2nd & 3rd Aves), Unit 208 Price: $160 (reg $175)

Register for the class and learn more here: Make your own custom cutting board


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