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The Measure of Pooh – New Sensors For NYC Waterways

The DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) will install remote sensor monitors that will monitor combine sewer overflows in real time at five locations in the city, including the Gowanus Canal. The goal for the DEP’s new pilot sensor program is to better determine what impact the waste water is having on water quality. It also is meant to help in the City’s response to emergency situations, with public awareness, and help with an overall optimization of the existing sewage system (some parts over 100 years old). The sensors will be able to tell during heavy rain when the system reaches capacity and must discharge a mix of stormwater and wastewater (also know as combined sewage overflow). Gowanus residence are very familiar with such a discharge. Back in 2010 just after a freak tornado the Gowanus residence saw the release of the combine sewage overflow as a big nasty wave of pooh that was captured in the video:

The sensors will provide data, which is just not available with the current CSO system. –Now, we assume, the DEP has to check youtube to see when things get all nasty.

Here’s the five places selected for the sensor pilot program:

  • Near the Navy Yard, which empties into the East River
  • In Dutch Kills, which ultimately feeds into Newtown Creek
  • At the Gowanus Canal
  • Near Soundview Park, which empties into the Bronx River
  • Near Gravesend Bay

The sensor program should be up by the end of 2012, which is Poohtastic! The DEP has planed for three more monitoring areas in the near future for CSO leading into the Hudson, the upper East River, and Jamaica Bay.

More details on the NYC.Gov website

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