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New York Times – goes all archivey

The New York Times finally is sharing all the images from its monstrous archives. The Lively Morgue, as it’s called, is a Tumblr blog that showcases the history photos from the New York Times. How long is that history… a little less than the papers existence actually. The paper began in 1851, but didn’t start showing ‘illustrations’ till 1896 (we assume it wasn’t a trashy celebrity photo, but its a newspaper so… it was most likely at least trashy celebrity illustration).

How many image sare they going to post? They have no freaking idea actually! The site says they have:

five million to six million prints and contact sheets (each sheet, of course, representing many discrete images) and 300,000 sacks of negatives…at least 10 million frames in all”

It will take them what is probably be all of human existence to post all their images on the site. The site says it will take all of time if:

we posted 10 new archival pictures every weekday on Tumblr, just from our print collection, we wouldn’t have the whole thing online until the year 3935.”

Your great great great great great grandkids will wonder what “photography” is by then and at least your children will wonder “what the hell’s tumblr.” Enjoy the photos cause they will outlast us all…

Check it out: The Lively Morgue


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