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Waterworld coming to a city near you!!!

Remember that awful, awful, awful!!!! movie called Waterworld with Kevin (why can’t you make more movies like Field of Dreams) Costner? No? Here’s the trailer to remind you how much you’ve tried to forget it:

sounds so much better with Darth Vaders voice!

Anyway, the whole movies premise was that humankinds existence was now in global biblical Noah like situation where humans had not evolved, but slightly adapted themselves to deal with a planet being covered in water.

Apparrently this senario is not so far fetch when you look at this map by Climate Central. The interactive map (shown not interactive below) shows what happens when the ocean water level rises from 1 to 10 feet:

click on the map to see your doom!

It seems we’re screwed! Not even Dutch landfill technology used to build out the various island of New York City will keep us safe from the water that’s going to (not if, but when) take over the city. We can look forward to bad acting and a world that has Denis Hopper trying to steel a kid with a map tattoo on his back. Oh, what fun!

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