Remember back in 2011 when everyone was freakin’ out cause Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF for you hip kids) were planning on opening a place at 433 Third Ave in Gowanus? And remember how it never came because they went with a different strategy (a really good strategy we might add) of doing popup stores all over the place even though the media had over hyped their arrival in Gowanus? (Pst WTF your twitter still says you’re coming to Gowanus Summer 2011 :{  ) Well, Gowanus did’t get a cocktail bar at 433 Third Ave, but it is going to get a BBQ place instead… which is just fine and dandy with us!

Residents who live nearby have been seeing flyers (which you should read!) notifying them that BBQ Billy is planning on opening up a place. The place will be called Fletchers most likely based on BBQ Billy’s last name, which is “Fletcher”. If you are not familiar with BBQ Billy’s work then you have no idea what kinda crazy BBQ enthused person the Gowanus community is getting. One look at his website and you’ll know he lives and breaths meat!  We had to make ourselves a snack just from researching on his site. Check this out:

Image from

Man that looks good!

Besides meat on BBQ Billy‘s website you can find various notes about a very supportive wife and an image of  the complete layout or at least a version of the layout for the new place by Studio Tractor.

It totally looks like the ‘sauces area’ might be as large as a 4 person table. We can totally respect that because you can’t do BBQ without all kinds of crazy sauce. We hope there is a section just dedicated to all things hot! as we love the spicy stuff. Planning for the restaurant is really just getting underway and the space is still very raw as seen in this posting. What Billy needs now and the reason for the flyers and the reasons for this posting is… to get approval to sell liquor, wine, and beer at the new place. Because you can’t have BBQ without Bourbon and/or beer! (Wines okay too, we guess.)

Anyways, on March 26th at 6:30pm at the Cobble Hill Heath Center (380 Henry Street) there will be an opportunity for the public to comment at the Brooklyn Community Board 6‘s permits and licenses committee meeting.

The following message is for Gowanus residents only:

Hey everyone… how’s it going? I know that part of us are still upset about the disagreement over the Whole Foods things… but here’s the thing, you really can’t eat BBQ without the hard stuff. It’s like against a religion or something. This is a sit down joint that we meet at and bitch all we want about our disagreements over a chain store coming to the neighborhood, while partaking in some really good BBQ and booze if approved. Come on Gowanus is going to be know for BBQ before the end of 2012 anyways

Now that that’s settled everyone should go to this meeting and take part in community stuff.

Also, here’s a petition in support of Fletchers getting a liquor licenses.

your opinion can be different from this posting or the same.... either way you have the right to let CB6 know. Participate in the community discussion.


Also, for those of you looking for a cocktail bar on third we have one. It’s called Halyards. It’s real nice. It’s got fancy drinks without the asshole prices.