How would you like to swim in the Gowanus Canal? you know the Canal: the skinky, nasty, icky, super polluted, toxic, –did we say “nasty!”– waterway that runs through part of South Brooklyn? Well the Gowanus Superfund Community Advisory Group (CAG) thinks you should be able to take a dip… or at least be exposed to the water and not be in danger.

In a meeting earlier this week the CAG passed a resolution that requests the reclassification of  the Canal to a level that would “impose limits on pathogen levels, both coliform and enterococci bacteria.” Currently, the Canal is Class-SD (nasty class), which places no limits on pathogens in the water. This means no one should swim in the Canal or eat anything from the Canal, or be eaten by anything that lives in the Canal, and in our opinion, have any long term exposure to the Canal.

No word on what effect this resolution will have as of yet, but it will probably raise a few eyebrows and get people thinking… “shouldn’t the Gowanus Canal be as clean as possible?”

Here’s the CAG resolution in its entirety

The Gowanus Superfund Community Advisory Group hereby resolves that the water of the Gowanus Canal be reclassified from it’s current industrial standard, which is designated Class-SD. Class-SD only mandates a minimal level of dissolved oxygen be maintained in the waters, but places no limit to levels of pathogens present in the waterway.

The CAG requests that the Gowanus Canal be given a water classification that is protective of its current recreational uses which includes contact recreation for families and children. A reclassification that imposes limits on pathogen levels, both coliform and enterococci bacteria, is necessary to insure that children and others are not exposed to unacceptable health risks, including dangerous diseases, due to a simple act of coming into contact with the water while recreating in, on, or at the canal.”