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Gowanus Canal Mascot

The New York Post reports that the Gowanus Community Advisory Group (those peeps that monitor the EPA Superfunded progress on the Canal) are looking to get a mascot for the Gowanus Canal during its cleanup process. The Post talks with Eymund Diegel about why a mascot is necessary and uses illustrator Leah Tiscione to create visuals for three of four mascot candidates. Check it out here.

Although it seems like the group has already decided on a direction for the mascot we think we have a few that should be considers:

First up… one we all know, love, and already is visually attached to the Superfunded Canal the Tonkey Octopus. The design first appeared in Gowanus in September of 2008 and has gone through at least one change over the years. (We have not checked recently to see if the design is still there)…

Next up… is Pete who is pretty much already the mascot for the Canal. The superhero character is from Power Play a comic by Kurt Christenson and Reilly Brown. Just look at him… he screams mascot! Can’t you see someone dressing up as this guy and scaring the crap out of children…

We are so impressed with this next one…

Queens born, Brooklyn resident, Erin Gallagher made this Blinky (from the Simpson) like three eyed fish for a kick as T-shirt. We really think this is the best representation of what’s happening in the Canal and speaks loudly how important the cleanup of the Canal is…

We think something that is not waterbond might be good too. So, we propose having the Giant Gnome as an option. Very little is known about the Gnome, but we can guess he is super sized because of the Superfunded Canal.

Finally, the Gowanus Community Advisory Group has Sludgie, the dolphin that died while swimming into Canal, already on the list, but we decided to include our own illustration anyways…

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