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Twig’s Moving?

Twig Terrarium, who just last month had a release party for their new book, Tiny World Terrariums, is leaving their space on on 3rd Avenue at President St. Although they have only been in this space since last fall, their “easily contain, easily maintained, life” terrarium business is growing quickly and they already need more room. So…they are making the very far-away move to right across the street. They will be taking over the Set Gallery, which recently became available. Although plans have yet to be seen for the new space, we did hear that the new store will be a huge terrarium that requires consumers to be shrunk down before entering…not really, but that’d be cool. It’d be like the whole Honey I Shrunk the Kids thing! Remember that movie?…

Man that movie was bad! How were there sequels and a TV show to this??!

Anyway, Twig is just getting started on their move and have not declared an opening date for the new space…yet.


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