As a renter your always at the mercy of your landlord. Sometimes you have a fair landlord and other times…well, we all have our stories. For artist at 269 Douglas St. it was an unfair landlord…at least from their position of being evicted to make way for a charter school. After what was surely lots of yelling the artist banded together and took the landlord to court. Now, a full year later, a court decision has been made a decision on whether or not the artist were legally evicted. When we first wrote about this a year ago we said: “Once again an artist is displaced because real estate rewrites the rules”, which apparently is not true in this instance. The artist have been allow to stay at 269 Douglas St. at least for the time being. No word on whether or not the courts ‘landmark’ decision will help others who are facing the boot.

An excited response from one of the artist and more details can be found here.