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Bar & Record Store close in Gowanus

With all the boom happening in Gowanus we sometimes forget that it’s a hard game with the area. Gowanus is still finding its audience and therefore there is still this Cat & Mouse for business owners with consumers. This is mostly do to the low amount of foot traffic in the area (low foot traffic has kept it quaint by the way) and maybe that the economy is still doing whatever its doing…sucking! With these two factors in mind its not surprising that some places haven’t made it this past year.

It seems the 383 Bar & Grill the bar that opened last year just across from the hipster dance haven, Gowanus Grove, has closed its doors (for now). Ben, a local Gowanus resident, wrote in that:

the “Sports Bar” kind of place that opened last summer…apparently closed. The awning has been ripped down and the front windows have been covered over.”

We had seen that the windows had been covered, but were still hopeful that they were doing renovations or something. We walked over to see about the awning…and sure enough the 383 Bar awning sign is gone. We looked in past the plastic covering the windows and discovered that construction had taken place, but it was unclear if this was a renovation for a new space or a last ditch effect by the owners to tweak the place before it closed.

We will miss the pretty wooden bar that was once there.

Also, the record storefront called, Sector Records, has left the area or at least cleared out its space after opening just about one year ago. The online record store had been trying to catch the growing young crowd in the area, but it seems the winter might have restricted peoples visits to the store. You can still grab your favorite vinyl on their website here.

A note on the door indicates that another group has taken over the space. The printed note simply reads:

Bear Dallis Associates, Inc. Event planning with gracious hospitality www.bearddallis.com

Bear Dallis Financial Management, Better accounting for your bottom line www.bearddallisfanancial.com”

We are not sure if these people are moving in or helping with whatever’s coming in. If people are looking move into Gowanus they might wanna check out these two places, especially if they are bringing a candy shop! No particular reason other than we like candy.


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