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An Ecological Approach to Improving Resilience and Sustainability in NYC – P. TIMON MCHPHERSON, PHD

Turns out you’re not living a good life. Not that you’re evil or anything…well, you could be. Evil or not you’re probably not that environmentally friendly. Sure, you reuse grocery bags and eat hippy food, but we’re pretty sure that none biodegradable iPhone you carry around lowers your ‘saving the planet’ points. Don’t freak out or anything, you can still earn those points back by developing a sustainable existence. But how does one really work with the environment in an urban setting. Probably magic or by listening to scientist like P. Timon McPhearson, PhD.

P. Timon McPhearson, PhD is really into urban ecology. He spent three years as Columbia University Science Fellow teaching environmental & ecological science, while conducting research at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. He now is over at the New School as an Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology and Coordinator for Environmental Science. He’s giving a lecture tonight over at 61 Local mezzanine on “An Ecological Approach to Improving Resilience and Sustainability in NYC”. You know all those things we should do, but don’t know how to.

Full Details:

Join the Gowanus Canal Conservancy at their first Wednesday night lecture to promote awareness of local ecological issues and raise community environmental consciousness.

“An Ecological Approach to Improving Resilience and Sustainability in NYC”

Abstract: Doctor MCPHERSON will discuss our life’s in the Anthropocene; an increasingly urban, interconnected and changing world. Over the last few decades there has been increasing recognition that human population expansion and development is reshaping the ecology of the entire planet. Given global urbanization trends compounded by other environmental pressures, the primary dynamic that must be understood for increasing urban sustainability and resilience is the social-ecological relationships between humans and the urban ecosystems. A Q&A session will follow the lecture.

Note: The views expressed by speakers do not necessarily represent the views of the Conservancy.

61 Local mezzanine: 61 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 6:30pm
Admission: $5 or free if you renew or become a new member of the Conservancy.

6:30 Social hour and music.
7:30 Lecture.

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