If you think ‘Football’ is just a game where people in huge pads run around for a short amount of time, then you have never left the country and probably never traveled 5 hours away from your home. That’s ‘American Football’ that you’re thinking of dummy, not ‘Football’. Here in the U.S. we call it Soccer…which is actually a British nickname for Football to help distinguish between ‘Football’ and ‘Rugby’. It’s kind of linguistically complicated. Just know when talking about Soccer outside of the States it’s called ‘Football’. Anyway, now that we have that all cleared up. If you already know ‘Football’ is ‘Soccer’ then you are probably well aware that the Euro Cup is underway. The problem for you is that a lot of bars don’t show ‘Football’ because they…well…suck! Halyards on the other hand…Halyards doesn’t suck. They are showing the games every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through July 1st. Games are at 12p and 2:45p…which you should know already! You should be prepared to call in sick on Friday for the rest of this month and clear your weekend schedule because watching a ‘Football’ match is an 24 hour a day commitment. You can only take breaks to sleep in the morning…the rest of the time you should be drinking and yelling at the TV! Go Soccer…erh Football!