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Make Dinosaurs With Your Own Hands – Handsaws, Hammers, and Dinosaurs!

You know what’s “cool”…

1) Dinosaurs! -

These long dead animals have been the joy of every childhood since their discovery. We can’t image what it was like to have been the first to receive a plastic T-Rex toy after the world learned monsters were real! We do remember that we use to have a toy that was all bones and these bones could be put together to make a prehistory beast. It’s still one of the coolest things we’ve ever owned. 

You know what’s also “cool”…

2) Making things with your hands -

Making things with your hands involves muscles, and sweat, and sometimes blood. It’s the awesomest part of having opposable thumbs…we can build stuff! Despite our previous Production life we have not really made anything outside of the virtual world in years. And for that we are less human. Making things with your hands and using tools takes you back to the root of humanity. We build stuff…that’s what we do!

You know what’s cooler that “cool”….

Building a Dinosaur with your own two hands!

The cats over at The Brooklyn Garage have put together an event July 18th where you can actually make a dinosaur. Yes a freaking dinosaur! Led by two artist you can help or watch the creation of a creators that died out millions of years ago. The event called Handsaws, Hammers, and Dinsosaurs is taking place next week at Littlefield. The beast will be created out of reclaimed wood and there will be booze from Breucklen Distilling and Brooklyn Homebrew. Whatever is made, be it T-Rex, or some other pre-historic monster, will remain on display at Littlefield for a month. Oh and also all the proceeds from the dinos are going to a charity called The Adventure Project - a non-profit organization adding venture to support social enterprises in developing countries.

Recap: Dinosaurs, Building Stuff, Booze, Charity = Awesome! 

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