Now that we’re older what we grew up with… is thought of as vintage!”

That’s what Greg Paquette tells us in his new ‘vintage’ store called The Sporting Life in Gowanus, Brooklyn. In the store, which opened last month, you won’t find pieces from the 1960s like what Don Draper wears on Madmen or old-timey items worn during prohibition like on Boardwalk Empire…. what you will find is something from the late X’er and Y’er generations youth… fashion pieces from the late 80s and the 90s. To our generation these items are from a simpler time when we were younger and fashion was…well, “unique” to say the least. Greg says:

The items that you’ll find in [other] vintage shops are not what ‘we’ get nostalgic about… it’s stuff from the 90s that we are into!”

And Greg’s right! His store is like a drive in a DeLorean down memory lane complete with talking Steve Urkel doll:

Yes, you did do that Greg! And we are glad you did. The store has all sorts of crazy stuff like old buttons, a complete Walkman outfit, an OJ Simson shirt…and even old rackets that you can grab to use at the Thomas Greene Park around the corner. It’s ‘da bomb’!

But be warned this store will date you, and if you haven’t realized it’s been 19 years since Saved by the Bell went off the air…you will. As Andrew Raskin, also of The Sporting Life says:

My niece didn’t know what half this stuff was!”

To bad for your niece Andrew… this stuff is totally the coolest of the cool from our childhood. It’s like “Whoa”, fantastic!

The Sporting Life is located at: 285 Nevins Street At Sackett, Brooklyn, NY

Check out their Facebook for more details.