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‘GO’ Invades Gowanus – Brooklyn multi-gallery art exhibit

GO invades Gowanus!

by Jonathan Hack

There’s an extensive new visual arts initiative ‘happening’ in our hood that you need to know about!  GO Brooklyn Art is a Brooklyn-wide, ‘community-curated open studio project’. What does that mean?  The Brooklyn Museum, in association with literally hundreds of local artists, is putting together a free show throughout our entire borough and you’re invited!  The aim is to transform how Brooklyn communities engage in the arts by opening local studios to the public and bringing our small town of Brooklyn together. It has been a project many months in the making that will culminate on September 8th and 9th from 11AM-7PM both days when you, the good people of Gowanus and the World, are invited into the artists’ studios and asked to vote for your favorite artist.  Gowanus alone has 176 registered artists featured at Gowanus Studio Space, Brooklyn Art Gym, Gowanus Print Lab, and Proteus Gowanus; to name a few.

GO marks the largest ever initiative by the BK Museum based solely on voter participation.  How does it work?  First you have to register to vote!  Please visit gobrooklynart.org and gobrooklynart.tumblr.com/ for a wealth of information including FAQ’s, voter registration, artist bios, interactive maps and meet-up dates. It’s that easy! Once registered you can create a custom itinerary based on your interests.  You’ll find using GO’s search engine highly intuitive as you easily use filters to pinpoint neighborhoods, media and accessibility (ie: Gowanus, sculpture and strollers).  On September 8th or 9th or both, you’ll check in at each studio you visit using the GO mobile app. And must visit at least 5 studios to be eligible to vote.  Each artist will have a unique number posted on a sign in their studio which you will text or submit later on the website.  The 10 highest voted artists throughout Brooklyn will be visited by a team of BK Museum curators who are choosing artwork for an exhibit running December 1st, 2012- February 24th, 2013 at the Brooklyn Museum.

This week I sat down with the Gowanus Neighborhood Coordinator, Matt Allison, and picked his brain about the upcoming awesomeness. Allison, an artist himself (afuturememory.com), looks at his position as an opportunity to involve our community in an already huge arts movement. Allison’s excitement were infective when describing his efforts to put Gowanus artists on the map.  As neighborhood coordinator Allison works to impart knowledge of the upcoming event and serves as liaison to participating artists.  He sees it as an excellent venue to get eyes on local artwork and describes his position as a great opportunity to relate to artists and represent their interests. “I’m cranky with a lot of people but I’m never cranky with the artists; they’re my people!”, says Allison. In addition to increased awareness, he sees this as a great opportunity for neighborhood businesses.  His goal is to get Gowanus area bars, restaurants and shops to capitalize on the influx of foot traffic by offering deals to art lovers.

Matt Allison (image by: Corry Arnold)

Allison will be on hand the days of the event providing maps and any info you may need to help you plan your day.  You can find him at the Gowanus Print Lab (54 2nd Ave. Brooklyn) from 11AM-3PM at 285 Nevins St., Brooklyn from 4PM-7PM.  Say hello to Matt.  Support our neighborhood artists and local businesses. Enjoy wonderful art.  Enrich your life.

Be sure to visit us each week at gowanusyourfaceoff.com for a new featured artist as we lead up to this incredible event!


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