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Gowanus, Brooklyn
The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, the flash point for the new 'Buy Local' and textile revolutions, & filled with brilliant bohemians. . . this is Gowanus & it’ll awesome your face off.

Never Has A Fire Hydrant Looked This Beautiful

James Maher Photography

The striking photo above was snapped by New York City photographer James Maher on Bond St.between 1st and 2nd in Gowanus. Maher offers the following description of the photo via his own website:

Here’s an interesting example regarding how light can transform a scene.  I was lucky to be stuck in this area of Gowanus for a few hours a couple days ago and there was about a 5 minute period where the lighting happened to be perfect.  It was right at the moment where the sun first rose over the building in the background and backlit a few of the front plants but nothing else – it added a kiss of depth, variance, and shine to the plants and the photo in general.

No direct sun and this scene would have worked but wouldn’t have had shine and depth.  All sun and there wouldn’t be any variance to the plants and they would have been too bright in relation to everything else in the frame.

Check out more of Maher’s New York Photography at his website.

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Gowanus, Brooklyn

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