When you walk up into Park Slope along 5th Avenue the smell of delicious coffee gets stronger and stronger as you approach Park Place. The scent is familiar to Park Slope residents and the thousands of loyalist that swear allegiance to the brand know as Gorilla. We have friends that are crazy devoted fans… these folks like so many others simple won’t drink anything else. It’s Gorilla or nothing. And we ourselves agree that the taste is something very unique and something we have gladly walked through a multitude of weaving texting Scroller Moms to get to. Now that we think about it. Going to Gorilla from Gowanus is totally like Donkey Kong. You have to jump of barrels (kids in stroller), and those barrels turn into fire (whining kid in stroller). Then you have to climb up things (getting out of bed and that damn incline from the Slope part of Park Slope) …and when you get there you get a princess… wait no, no it’s not really like Donkey Kong. Unless a princess is a sweet shot of coffee!

Anyways, Gorilla is always worth the trip cause it taste wonderful.

But why are we talking about Gorilla…aside from the fact that they are a Brooklyn Roasted coffee and we luv everything Brooklyn… It’s this news…

RUMOR has it that Gorilla just contracted a place down in Gowanus on President between 3rd Ave. and Nevins. The D’Amato Printing building will supposedly be the new home of Gorilla’s coffee roasting business. That means Gowanus is about to get a coffee smell to cover up the smell of the Gowanus Canal. Plus, now we can tell the devoted Gorilla drinkers that there most favorite coffee is made right here in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


This is just a rumor, but we surely hope it’s true!