Carroll G’s Lobster…

by B. Umanov 


Is it in Gowanus? Carroll Gardens? Somewhere else?

Your father would’ve called it all “South Brooklyn” and scoffed at you for using these “made-up” neighborhood names designed to sell real estate, but wherever your predilection for nomenclature lies the news of another seafood joint could spell trouble for Gowanus’s Littleneck, itself approaching its one year anniversary. Get ready for Kittery, yet another restaurant in a neighborhood that has way too many to keep track of.

Kittery is currently under construction at the corner of Smith and Union Streets and is set to open in the coming weeks. A sign in the window (below) promises “Coastal Cooking From Maine to the Gulf,” but we’re guessing the food will favor the latter; the restaurant takes it name from Kittery, Maine, a town just across the border from Portsmouth, NH.


The same space was briefly the home of Diego, an ill-fated, decent but unspectacular Mexican restaurant that didn’t last very long. Before that, The Union Smith Cafe occupied the corner lot for a number of years.

Kittery, like its predecessors on the same lot, will have indoor and outdoor seating; from the looks of it it may have an outdoor bar as well. Will Kittery’s fate echo the instant success of Littleneck, or will it be the next in a long, long line of Diegos past, present and future? Whatever the case, we’ll be in line for a lobster feast the minute it opens to find out.

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