Artist Lilia Teal

By Jonathan Hack


The GO’ event is just under a week away.  Here’s the second artist we think you should keep an eye on.  Introducing Lilia Teal.

Lilia was kind enough to sit down with us last week.  Here’s what she said:

Where are you from originally?

Lilia: Western Massachusetts, Pioneer Valley

When did you realize you wanted to be an artist?

Lilia:  4 years old

Is art your main source of income?

Lilia: Yes

Where did you study?

Lilia: Cornish College of the Arts; studied with artists Anthony Ryder, Travis Schlaht, Michael Grimaldi, Colleen Barry and Will St John

Who are your influences?

Lilia:  Agnes Martin, Degas, Andrew Wyeth, Lee Bontecou, Ursula von Rydingsvard & Motherwell

Favorite piece by another artist?

Lilia:  I have a few. Degas’ Interior, Andrew Wyeth’s Lovers, Ursula von Rydingsvard’s Berwici Pici Pa, Agnes Martin’s Black 1

Favorite piece of your own?

Lilia:  In process


Lilia:  Graphite and Oil

In which neighborhood do you live?

Lilia:  Gowanus

Where is your studio?

Lilia:  Gowanus

Price range of your work?

Lilia:  $500-$5000

How did you get involved with ‘GO’?

Lilia:  Other artists

What do you hope to achieve from ‘GO’?

Lilia:  Any opportunity to participate in an event that brings artists together as a community brings me great satisfaction.

See more of Lilia’s artwork at: or


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