The Wall Street Journal gets in on the hot Shuffleboard action with a piece entitled Gowanus is Sprouting, Bar One.

Although we can appreciate the WSJ illustrating both perspectives of the Shuffleboard debate (as we have always done), the publication adds in a few talking points that are just wrong concerning the neighborhood. In an effort to explain other businesses in the area, the WSJ mentions Crooked Tail Café & Sandwich Shop as a business on the block. Unfortunately, Crooked Tail Cafe closed a year ago, which is easily found on the internets and specifically on this site through Google when you type “Gowanus Crooked Tail” (that’s called investigative research).

The WSJ also decides to points out that Twig sells:

moss terrariums that can cost more than $300.”

We are not sure why this amount is pointed out considering that Twig has terrariums from $25.00 on up. Is the WSJ implying that Gowanus can’t have expensive things or are they saying $300 is expensive for a unique large terrarium? We are not sure. This information seems to be saying something, but whatever it is it’s not relavant to the articles subject.

The article also talks about the roof deck that is mentioned on the Shuffleboards facebook page. If they were paying attention at the CB6 meeting, they would know that this has since changed. The Royal Palms Shuffleboard peeps said at the meeting that they’d wait 6 months before doing anything with the roof deck and said they’d get approval from CB6 itself for the roof deck. Taking from the FB page is kind of lazy when facts have clearly changed.

Also, the Shuffleboard Club is not a bar… it is a sports venue, so to put “Bar One” in the title must be referring to some other place, not mentioned in the article.

Plus, in all this shufflingly around… mentioning things in the neighborhood this article (and pretty much every article) has failed to mention that there is Canal Bar on 3rd Ave near the other businesses mentioned with the piece. How close is Canal Bar to the businesses they mentioned? It’s literally right next door to the CLOSED Crooked Tail Cafe. (Also, to be clear Canal Bar is bar one in Gowanus, since it’s technically the oldest bar in the area.)

Gowanus isn’t sprouting. It’s already vibrant and if reporters would take a little time they’d actually notice.


Check out the article here.