Avlee - Coming Soon

The storefront that formerly belonged to the much-beloved Carroll Gardens institution Joe’s Superette at 349 Smith Street (between Carroll Street and 1st Street) now boasts a sign that reads, “Coming Fall 2012: Avlee Greek Kitchen.”

The storefront has been under construction for several months. When we spoke to a contractor early in the summer, he told us the restaurant would serve “high-end” Greek food. If it delivers on that promise, Avlee could be a welcome addition to South Brooklyn; in our restaurant-rich neighborhood there’s a surprising lack of Greek food (or maybe not-so-surprising when we consider the neighborhood’s heavy Italian presence). Greek restaurant Athena opened last summer farther up Smith Street with its gaudy blue and white decor, but it closed this past May before we ever got to try it out.

Let’s hope Avlee fits the bill; we’re certain they won’t serve Joe’s Superette’s incredible rice balls, but maybe a little bit of Greece is just what this neighborhood needs.