José Parlá is a very unique artist. José uses all calligraphic and a form of manuscripting (not a word) to paint works of art that are filled with motion, energy, and life. José was recently added a 37-foot-long permanent installation at the Brooklyn Academy of Music(BAM) new Fisher Space with includes: Fishman Space Theatre, Fisher Hillman Studio rehearsal & performance space, Leavitt Workshop classroom space, Scripps Stage, Stutz Gardens on the Roof, and Sharp lobby an exhibition space. You can totally see José new piece in the Sharp lobby exhibition space…awesome!

. Looks like yet another reason to go to BAM. Damn you for being such an arts Mecca!

Bonus Your Face Off

Nowness did a detailed artist interview with José Parlá

REFLECTIONS: Jose Parla “Off the wall” from MATT BLACK on Vimeo.