It’s going to be an angry weekend apparently…

Some Brooklyn residents are freaking furious about the Barclay Center Stadium (home of the Brooklyn Nets) that opens at the Atlantic Yards this weekend and are planning to descend on the stadium during a busy Saturday!

But, why are they mad you ask?

Is it because the don’t have tickets to this weekends opening Concert?

No, try again…

Is it cause they don’t have there official Adidas Brooklyn Net’s Outfits?

Nope, not even close…

It it cause the metal frame of the whole stadium looks completely unfinished?

Nope…well maybe a little…

Is it because they may never enter this door?
No! (But we sure are!)…

Is it cause the Atlantic Yards project that includes the Barclay Center, was suppose to build substantial affordable housing and provide 10,000 job, but has yet to do so?

If that’s what you guess… you guessed right!

A group called Families United for Racial & Economic Equality (FUREE) is planning to meet up for their annual convention and then intends to march on the new Net’s Stadium Saturday. According to a posting on their website they want to “Skip the entertainment, Groups Want Jobs and Housing from Atlantic Yards”. This isn’t limited to a few angry everyday citizens either. According to the groups press release the following politicians will be joining them on their march: NYS Senator Velmanette Montgomery, NYS Assembly Member Joseph Lentol, NYC Council Members Letitia James and Stephen Levin, Allied Community Organizations. Should make for a very messing situation up at Atlantic and Flatbush.

More details:

What: FUREE’s 10th Annual Convention & March for Jobs, Housing & Justice

When: Saturday, September 29, 12pm-4pm (march starts at 4pm at Willoughby & Bridge)

Where: St. Joseph High School, 80 Willoughby St., 1st Floor Auditorium in Downtown Brooklyn

Visuals: Residents, Elected Officials, Videos, Skits, Posters & Giant Bobbleheads

“The march [to the Barclay center] will utilize a People’s Mic along the way, with residents and small business owners sharing personal stories of displacement. The first stop will highlight an entire block that is being demolished to make way for luxury development. Marchers will then stop in front of the homes of immigrant families facing homelessness – and across from DeKalb Market, the small business space that will be shut down the very next day. And finally, before concluding at the Barclays Center, the march will stop at the massive City Point project which delivered few community benefits despite sitting on and profiting from publicly-owned land.”