The tale of the Gowanus Dredgers…

Gowanus Dredgers: Up the Creek, With a Paddle from Viola Gad on Vimeo.

info from Vimeo posting:
In 1999, a group of guys went drinking at a Brooklyn bar and came up with a crazy idea. They’d buy a couple canoes and start riding up and down the polluted Gowanus Canal to call attention to the environmental issues there. By the next morning, they had pooled their money and purchased the canoes. They decided to call themselves the Gowanus Dredgers, and began paddling through the noxious stew of industrial runoff and sewage. The Dredgers have since developed into a nonprofit organization devoted to opening access to NYC’s waterfronts, including the Gowanus, and they have championed environmental restoration of the waterway.