It was just over a month ago that we notice Twig Terrarium‘s new giant branch sign over their shop on 3rd Ave between President and Carroll Street. This large eye catching sign officially marked Twig Terrariums move from one side of 3rd Avenue to the other. The terrarium building business left their old space on 3rd Avenue and President St last May for new roomier space in the old Set Gallery. They recently sent out a note inviting everyone to see their new space. They are throwing a Ghoulish Grand Opening on October 26th!
This party should be crazy festive! We went to their last opening at the previous locations and drank some crazy cocktails from a bubbling cauldron! Plus, their new space has some new featuring like a terrarium building area and some type of giant tree that sits in the center of the main room of the new space.

The space is like a magical universe where worlds are all inside little bottles. We like to go and pretend we are some type of deity looking down on existence! Guess we are going to need a Zeus costume for the party… see you there!