We are busy getting ready for the storm, but we really wanted to make sure that people understood that much of Gowanus is in the “get the hell out” zone.
‘But, GFYO’, you might say, ‘some of Gowanus is not all near the harbor… won’t the giant Gnomes, Gowanus Trolls, and squid monsters protect us from any danger?’
Let’s be clear much of Gowanus is the Mandatory Evacuation Zone. The Canal is going to flood for SURE because its current at high tide. Any little bit of storm surge will send water over the edge and onto the streets.

That icky oil stuff we all make fun of could be knocking at your front door tomorrow. It may even bring this very oil drum into your basement…. yum!

This will most likely happen…

If you are in Zone A… just leave. If you are staying than be smart! Get supplies for 3 days of sitting in your new water front apartment.

Zone Maps…