If you have kids you know one of the hardest times of year is from now to the end of the month. This month is jammed packed with so much holiday stuff. It so difficult to go to every little event and even more impossible to find time to shop! When you do find a moment to run and get gifts, what do you do with the kids? Leave them at home to cause chaos? No! That’d be silly. You can totally just drop them off for a few hours at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry! They have this amazing class called “Kids Play, You Shop”  that take place on Sundays this month. Kids get to learn about, you guessed it, ROBOTS, while you run around and get their or everyone elses gifts. That’s seems awesome enough, but there is an even more awesome element to this class. If you drop your kids off at Robot Foundry you can totally get discounts at local restaurants, boutiques, and even a gym!

Right now you can get a discount at the following places: 718 Cyclery, A. Cheng, By Brooklyn, Film Biz Recycling, Flirt, Juice Haven, Root Hill Burger, Root Hill Cafe, the Brooklyn Craft Central Annual Holiday Market (Dec 15/16 & 22/23), Garfield’s, Cotta-Bene, and Captain Quinn’s.

This sounds too good to be true! It’s like a dream!

Check out the class info here.