The Gowanus Circus delivers high flying, fiery, sideshow filled, spectacular, performances! Their show  at the Gowanus Ballroom in October was truly unbelievable. Gowanus Circus’s type of engaging theatre is one of a kind and pretty much the awesomest thing you’ll see ever. What makes this group so special is all the variety they jam into one fun filled entertaining event. But they can’t do it all without the public support. They are looking for some donations to keep presenting these fantastic performances at places like the Gowanus Ballroom. They need to raise $10,000 bucks before the end of the year. You, John Q Public, can totally help these artist here by donating even a tiny bit or a whole lot right here right now.

Check out this video showing off some of the kick ass stuff the Gowanus Circus has to offer…

Wasn’t that amazing?!

Just a reminder that donating to the arts on behalf of someone is like the coolest sexiest gift you can give.